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HAUTE Hair Tips: Hair Washing Hacks

Washing your hair. It’s one of those things you probably do (and do frequently), but not necessarily The Right Way, and you know it. Often people go with the quick-lather-shampoo-until-it’s-foamy-then-fast-rinse way...which, let’s face it, isn’t really cutting it. This leads to dullness and lack of shine over time.

So what is the proper way to clean your hair? Our pro stylist’s at HAUTE European Salon has a few choice tips to help with at-home, everyday shampooing that will leave your hair fresh and fabulous. And this is going to change a LOT. (And no, we’re not talking about an extra hour under the shower. Believe us, we’re busy and somewhat lazy, so these tips are for everyone.).

This may sound like a basic, everyone-knows-this suggestion, but it’s not. Let’s be honest, most people will apply a small dollop of shampoo, quickly massage it into their hair and 2 minutes later wash it all away and be done with that. But proper cleaning of hair is the first step to maintaining healthy locks, so it’s a process that needs attention and care. Which is why, our tip is to really scrub your scalp with the shampoo (several minutes if possible), lather it up right and work in the product. The first wash removes excess dirt, oil and products you used on your dry hair.

The first wash is called the external cleansing. This removes all the excesses, the second wash gets your hair squeaky clean. The second shampoo goes right into the root, inside the cuticle and cleans from the inside out. You don’t need to massage as long as the first time around (if you don’t want to), but be sure to apply ample water when washing it off - a full two minutes of rinsing is ideal. Once it’s all clean you’re ready for the conditioner. Conditioning helps seal the cuticle back down resulting in healthier hair.

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