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Owner, Master Hair Stylist

Katalin is a professional and master hair dresser, with over 20+ years of international experience and two masters degrees from Europe.

She has performed various hair shows independently, attended many hair industry related shows and sessions.

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Hair Stylist

Becky is a native Austinite, kind hearted, friendly and true blue. As a visual artist, hairstylist and musician, she translates passion and expertise to whatever your heart desires. She prides herself on well educated consultations, and will help you understand and get exactly what you want, focusing on your individual style and hair care needs. Great attention will be paid to every detail.



Hair Stylist

Evan is originally from Denver Colorado. He has been living in Austin for the past decade making people look and feel fabulous about themselves through his passion of doing hair. He strives to bring a smile to his clients faces by using innovative techniques and styles in both color and cutting. “As a Sassoon certified hairstylist I am very confident with my craft and strive to continually educate not only myself but my clients as well. Everyone has their own unique beauty, I love letting it shine through my passion!”

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Esthetician / Skin Care Therapist

Aunistazsa has been a licensed esthetician since 2011. Originating from Lansing, Michigan, where her passion for beauty was inspired by precious moments spent in the salon admiring her beautiful best friend, muse and mother. Aunistazsa prides herself on helping others feel beautiful for the past decade through the art of aesthetics. She is approachable, respectful and fun, which makes your appointment with her an enjoyable experience. Aunistazsa specializes in customized eyelash extensions after being personally trained and mentored by the creator of Betty Lash, who opened the first lash bar in the world, to provide the best lash services in the Austin area. She has also been praised for her skin care services, taking acne, dull, dry skin to bright new lights. Aunistazsa is continuously providing her clients with the latest trends and best skill set in skin and beauty care. Inquire within to begin the journey to Aunist Skin. 

Book an appointment at 517-515-2787 or



Hair Stylist & Hair Extensions Specialist / Makeup Artist

Aunshu has been professional hair and makeup artist for over 5 years and She is also thankful to have a career that She loves so dearly. It is not just artistic aspect, but also how she is able to make someone feel beautiful and enhance  their own beauty.That is what she loves about her career. She believes that the beauty lies within each one of them. Her passion and specialty is Hand -Tie Hair Extension.

About Hair Extensions : Every 6-8 weeks, you will need to come in for a tightening session. Faster than installation, most clients can expect about 90-minute session. Your first appointment for hair extensions will be pricey but your subsequent appointments will get better. We give quotes on extensions with consultation because each situation is unique. Adding volume is different than adding volume and length. Also consider if you need color as well.

Book an appointment at 517-785-8563 or



"I have long curly hair and like it cut a particular way. Stylists always decide that they are experts and do their own thing. I am rarely 100% happy with the end result. Not the case with my Haute cut. My stylist listened to me and had a good understanding of my hair after watching it dry. She knew exactly what to do. I love my cut and the product that she recommended. I will be back for my next cut!"


~ Alyse Hockfield Eligulashvili 

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