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If you are looking for high end, speedier European Color Line, then you should choose Schwarzkopf Igora Color 10.

This is the first Professional Permanent color in just 10 minutes. It is REVOLUTIONARY!!

The technology delivers beautiful color results, perfect white coverage and outstanding haircare.

Basically the Amino acids Arginin and Glycin are well known for their re-building effect on the Keratin fiber of the hair. The nurturing benefits of these amino acids stabilize the Protein structure and improve the condition of hair. Within the Igora Color 10 formula, the two amino acids work together as a carrier of color pigments allowing them to penetrate faster and deeper into the hair.

The result: shorter time at the hairstylist, because the total processing time is 10 minutes and the coloring process is much more gentle. What is further more fabulous about this product line? It is designed for men's hair color too. If you have grey hair and you would love to maintain your original color, then you should ask for more details regarding Secret Service from the Haute European Salon team. This service is ideal for men who are looking for a natural blending and they would like to avoid a warm tone.

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