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There are three different types of hair – fine, medium and coarse

Fine (thin) hair

Thin strands of hair creates problem for many people, especially in older age. For example at the age of 20, the hair roots are strong but weaknesses start occurring even at the age of 40. The poor flattened hair strand is quite difficult to give a style in summer time.

Tip: When you wash your hair with shampoo, make sure the shampoo is light and use only as much as it needs, and it's enough to wash the hair once. Rinse it very well. Do not put any leave in styling and conditioning products on the hair. Use only light finishing spray when the hair is dry. You should often visit your hairdresser, because cutting strengthens your hair. Try to use hat or some covering for your hair to protect from the strong sun.

Medium (normal) hair

This hair type is the ideal.

Tip: We still need to protect them from the sun and hence very important to use leave in balms or UV hairspray.​

Coarse (thick) hair

This hair type is very strong, but hair end can be dry and fuzzy from the sun.

Tip: Important to use some hair oil, cream or coconut oil hair products for the ends. (Caution: Do not use coconut oil if you are allergic to it) At every third wash apply coconut oil pre-wash; leave it for an hour followed by a good wash. This will protect your hair from the sun keeping it shiny and healthy.

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